The GripOn non-slip treatment is a quick, easy, and cost effective solution for families who want anti-slip and non-slip floors — without sacrificing the look of your floors. There's no need to re-do your entire home with new and expensive non-slip flooring when you have GripOn.

Quick & Easy

Virtually no downtime for application


Pricing as low as $1.50 per sqft


Doesn't alter appearance of floors

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GripOn Cares about your family's safety

It is our priority to foster a safe environment for your loved ones. Even though your home may seem like a completely safe place, home is where a considerable number of accidents take place — with slips and falls being the most common type of accident. Children and older adults are especially susceptible to these accidents. By increasing the traction of your floors, specifically areas that tend to get wet, we can drastically decrease the odds of a slip and fall happening.


What surfaces can GripOn be applied to?

GripOn can be applied in any room of your home, including kitchens, bathrooms, tubs, and patios. GripOn works on almost any hard flooring, including ceramic tile, mosaic tile, brick, concrete and pavers, linoleum, natural stone, and more...

Kitchen Floors

Bathroom Floors

Back Patio


Front Entrance

Pool Patio

Porcelain/Enamel Bathtub

THE            Guarantee

Every floor or bathtub treated with GripOn is guaranteed to have better traction. All of our residential customers receive a written guarantee with a five-year warranty for their GripOn treatment. When we make your floors non-slip with the GripOn treatment, we measure the coefficient of friction (also known as the traction) of floors with our American National Standards Institute-approved tribometer machine, BOT-3000E. This machine instantly reports how anti-slip your surfaces are and provides immediate peace of mind to our customers



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